Raw Fleece

The fleece that comes from my amazing sheep. is a natural product and biodegradable. The amazing colours that can come in one fleece is stunning. the staple length is around 3inchs. There is amazing crimp in it also especially from the first clip lamb fleece which is taken off the sheep when they are 1 year old. the colour of the fleece can range from pale silver to dark chocolate or a combination of everything. The sheep are fed in hay racks that are not supended over them so they can not pull hay onto their coats and care is taken when feeding hard feed that none goes over them and they are shorn on a clean board and the fleece bagged and labelled as soon as it is clipped to sort later on a wire rack. I sell fleeeces as whole ones skirted and picked of vegetation as much as i can but there may still be an odd bit in it, these weigh approx 2.5kg. and i will sell raw fleece in smaller amounts 200gr, 400gr, 600gr and 1kg. Raw fleece is unwashed. please contact me if you have any questions before purchasing. 

  • swift fleece 2
  • swift fleec

Carded Wool Batts

Carded wool Batts are available from my coloured ryelands in 50gr batts washed picked of debris and carded on my drum carder ready to spin or felt

  • carded batt
  • carded batt 2
  • carded bat 3

Ways to use Coloured Ryeland Wool

I am now promoting the use of Ryeland wool for various craft items. it is an ideal wool for needle felting and making pegloom rugs, hand spinning, making into pompoms for wreath decorations. 

I will be offering for sale in our shop Pegloom cushions, peg loom rugs

Raw Fleece and washed and carded wool batts and many other items as they become available

Please go over to our shop page(Ryeland Experience) to see what is available or email me your requirements, i am here to help. i will have craft items at the shows this year also.