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                   Welcome to my site for all things Coloured Ryeland 
My passion are my flock of Coloured Ryeland sheep, i breed and show quality examples of the breed ensuring good confirmation and a quality fleece. The breed is know as a Short wool Down Breed and is a compact breed that is easy to handle, producing a quality meat carcass and superb fleeces. I am using my fleeces for a variety of projects from making No Skin sheep rugs, peglooming carded fleece into rugs and cushion covers and making decorations for Christmas.  It is an ideal fleece for Needlefelting and takes a variety of dyeing colours.  Feel free to browse my other pages for more information on the breed and see the fabulous items available in the Ryeland Experience shop.


crimp and staple

Felted rug 2

             Hooked Rug                          

                                                Pompom Wreath           pegloom rug

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